Oct 26

Website set up


I’m really excited because my website is now accessable–www.rawtruthofadoption.org. My son is still working on it, but it should only be another day or so before my newly published book will be available for purchase through that site. I really want to share my book. Those of you who know me well know how joyful it’s been for me to share what I’ve written. You also know that up until just a little more than three years ago there is absolutely no way I would have ever attempted to put myself out there–to take that kind of risk when the poetry and stories I’ve written are so hugely personal; but it was my son, Darian who encouraged me to publish my poetry. Once I took the risk and started sharing what I’d written I witnessed how emotional people became, how my poetry became a key to opening them up and allowing them to acknowledge and share their own feelings, and how my poetry validated them, I got to where I found incredible joy in sharing.
One of the pages of my book includes the following:


 was born into a culture in which nearly everyone was fair-skinned. When I was nine years-old, I moved with my parents and siblings toPhiladelphia where I became acquainted with people of color. I perceived them as a minority. It wasn’t until I was much older that I came to the awareness that there are a lot fewer fair-skinned people around the world than the sum total of those of darker skin and black hair. I wrote this poem after we adopted our last child. It is one of those poems I’ve felt to acknowledge after I was done writing, Now that didn’t come from me–Wow! Give God the credit for that one.
 Among all the colors,
Brown is God’s favorite one;
That’s the reason he placed a bit of it
In nearly everyone.
He favors every hue and shade
From tan to ebony
And scatters freckles through angel kisses
On foreheads down past the knee;
And so we’d each remember
What brown has meant to Him,
He mixed rich brown into the soil,
As well as tree roots and leafy limb.
But the clearest indication
Is what happened on that tree
When He closed His earthly sojourn
And was crucified for me.

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