Dec 30

Tabernacle Choir Concert

A couple of other things that happened just this year—we took our children to the Tabernacle Choir’s dress rehearsal for their Christmas concert, and then I took Brenda the next night. I sat and did some of my paper-cutting art as I listened and the girl behind me was interested in what I was doing. The next thing I knew was that she handed me an origami bird she made. Today I mailed off one of my 8 X 10 inch framed pieces to her. The concert was lovely and wonderful. When we took the family that first night, we thought we had everyone strategically placed, but Matthew and Jacob, who were sitting to my far right, were in a lot of conflict, and Jacob evidently elbowed his neighbor in the face—unknown to me. Afterward the man, came up to Vance and told him that our boys had wrecked the evening for he and his wife. There were others who were bothered by the light-ball we let Alma play with all during the concert. Now that he’s eight he was finally able to attend. None of them said anything until afterward. Had we been aware, we would have dealt with those concerns immediately. I was sorry to be so caught up in the joy of the event that I was not aware enough about how our children were affecting those around us. I really felt badly. As far as the light-ball—we’re so used to it that I didn’t even notice it as a problem. We won’t be repeating the mistakes next time.

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