Jan 23

Strategies and Links, excerpt from Volume 1: Cascade Center and Healing.

I can’t believe it’s taken so many hours to explain strategies and include different links here in my website. Hopefully what I’ve written will be found useful. I’ve only included those things that have worked well for us.

Ok, here’s another excerpt from my book. This one’s from the beginning of the section that talks about healing:

It was because of the children who came to us abused and neglected that I was introduced to the idea of taking children to therapy. We had the opportunity of receiving services from The Cascade Center for Family Growth in Orem, Utah where many services were available to us, including tracking, respite care, school, and effective therapeutic techniques. They expedited bonding and attachment when they taught me to cuddle our kids and maintain eye contact. Not only did they teach principles of parenting with love and logic, but they were great role models insisting that our children be respectful and obedient. They accommodated our needs even on an emergency basis, and I was given hope when I felt stressed and discouraged. It wasn’t just a therapy center but a place for individual and family growth and for healing hearts. I attribute my success with building attachment with our children to them.

I don’t know if it’s possible to attend therapy with one’s children without one’s own issues coming to the surface. That was certainly true for me and I was able to receive therapy and significant healing myself. Our family was involved atCascadeCenterfor ten years where I developed some endearing and lasting friendships with others who were experiencing the same kind of challenges.

One day the owner, Larry VanBloem, was killed in a car crash while traveling to one of his client’s homes to do therapy. The Center closed, and that chapter of my life came to an abrupt end. Devastated is hardly adequate to describe how I felt. My whole world came crashing down. I was left feeling hopelessly displaced, abandoned, and over-whelmed at the thought of raising our children without the Center. I couldn’t see how it would be worse to lose anybody else in my life. There was no way I could be consoled.

Helen Keller once said,

 When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.  

It has been many years since that tragedy. The Lord has not abandoned us, but has continued to bless us with some of the best therapists and most effective modalities yet available. I can now look back on that whole experience without feeling debilitating grief; Instead, I feel immense gratitude that I was ever able to be a part of the Cascade Center experience.


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