Jan 27

“My miracle ADD homeopathic drops,” Will my daughter keep her baby? Adopiton–a spiritual journey

Our daughter is doing amazing ever since she started taking the ADD drops. Before, she was so oblivious to the messes she kept making so that she had no awareness of how the trash and filth could build up around her. Finally, she’d see the mess, but she’d have no idea of how to resolve it. Ever since she’s been on the drops she’s been much, much more conscientious about everything. She says that she feels that her brain used to be so scattered, but now it seems so more organized. She keeps things fairly tidy now and is so much more calm and easy to be around. Not only that but she’s a much more capable mother to her little boy. She’s due to give birth to our fourth grand child sometime during the next couple of weeks and, although she has entertained the idea of placing her baby for adoption, she’s thinking more and more about keeping the baby. Before the ADD drops, I had huge doubts whether or not she’d be capable of parenting another child, but I don’t any longer. She’s changed BIG time

It’s an interesting experience getting ready for another grand child to come when I don’t know whether or not our daughter will keep the baby. She called me to ask if I’ll go with her to meet a prospective adoptive couple within the next couple of days although she told me she’s pretty well decided she’s going to keep the baby. I’ve washed clothes and done other things to support her, all the while trying to keep a neutral stance by not encouraging her to place or to keep the baby. I fully trust that she’ll know what to do. I’ve learned that babies go exactly where they’re supposed to go. When she looked through over a hundred portfolios and didn’t feel good about a single one of them I thought about my own journey through adoption. There is no haphazard scattering of babies. Heavenly Father has a very orchestrated plan for where those babies will go. Adoption for me has been one of the most spiritually guided journeys I could have ever traveled.

Here’s another excerpt from volume 1:

Despite the fact that we were told we would probably be on the waiting list for at least three years before the agency would place a baby with us, my heart told me it would be much sooner. When our profile was given to our baby’s birth mother, both she and her mother started crying. They knew; the adoption worker knew; and I knew.

Adoption has been a very spiritual experience for me as I have witnessed how the Lord has guided me to each of our children. Even though my husband has never received the same witness as me, he came to trust that knowing has been a gift I have received prior to when each of our children have joined our family.

God Shoved Wide the Door


Snuggled deep

Enwrapped in tomb

Lost from view




But God placed wings and set it free.


Swell, force

Mountain waves

Crest, roll

Expanse, rise



Then God made the sandy shore and stilled the waves.


Shadowed image

Creeps about

 Lurks within




But God gave light to my soul and calmed my fears.


Gray, heavy

Piercing wind

Rain in torrents

Thrash, flood

Storms rage


Yet, God painted sun rays in the sky and let my eyes see.


Towering high

Wide, vast

Enclosed am I

Inside, captured

No way out


But God shoved wide the door and set me free.

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