Jul 24

Kyani–life-changing results for our family

It’s an amazing experience listening to our daughter Johanna talk about Kyani. She was pretty skeptical about it, but she’s so animated and excited about Kyani now. I think she has something pretty profound to say. She told me, “Mom, it’s not that I thought you were lying. It’s just that it sounds way too good to be true; yet it is exactly what you’ve been saying it is.” Truthfully, I wonder if I’m sharing too many fantastic stories because I have so, so, so many, and all of them added up together make it sound like Kyani IS too good to be true.  Among all our children, our daughter Johanna is the one who has experienced the biggest change being on Kyani with her ADD, depression, and anxiety. It’s way amazing. Tonight she went on and on about the difference it’s making with her, and about how good she’s feeling and being able to focus. Kyani has given me such high hopes for her–something I never imagined even eight months ago. I can see how Kyani is giving her a chance to succeed in life, her job, as a mother–she’s getting her children back soon. I’m no salesperson, just someone who is passionate because the results are profound. I’ve been writing a growing paragraph about how Kyani is blessing our family in my website, “rawtruthofadoption.org” which is about a mile long (click on “strategies”). If you know me well, you hopefully know me as honest and sincere. There are a lot of good companies out there and a lot of good products–many of which I’ve tried and gotten results; but I’ve never experienced such profound life-changing results ever before. What Kyani has done for me and my family has been literally changing our lives and has infused me with passion and a desire to share.


  1. myrelle


    i am a mother of a 15-yr old boy with pervasive behavioral disorder/ADHD. i got a number of questions (if you don’t mind) about kyani… :)

    i wanna know what kyani product do you give to your child?
    what is the dosage?
    how long have you been giving her that?
    what remarkable changes have you noticed and how soon did these changes show?
    have you encountered other children with special needs like autism improve on kyani?
    what particular improvement?
    what is the recommended product for these children?

    that’s a lot of questions, i know, but i’d really appreciate your response. :)

    thank you very much! God bless you!

    myrelle :)

    1. laurie

      Myrelle, I’m so sorry I never got right back to you. I got a new computer and couldn’t find the access for working on my website. In the meantime, I started sharing my poetry on Facebook, and when I finally got access, the comments were filled to over-flowing with spam comments. Just today I finally attacked them and found your comment. I really do apologize for taking so, so, so long to reply. If you’ll look at “strategies” I’ve shared specific results with the dates when I noticed and took note of what we’ve experienced. Kyani has been absolutely life-changing for our family. Our 16 year-old has been profoundly affected for the better with Kyani. He suffers with OCD, ODD, ADHD, Fetal Alcohol Effect, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Our 18 year-old suffers with Autism and Aspergers. He has improved dramatically. Feel free to go to my Kyani website, lke.kyani.net. Please, let me know you that you finally got my reply. May the Lord bless you and your family!

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