Feb 01

Excerpt from Volume 1, poem “Mirrored Reflection”

Here’s another excerpt from Volume 1 of Sane Poems for Insane Moments:

Some of our children have a difficult time looking at themselves in a mirror. They get frustrated because their hair doesn’t lay straight, they have a zit on their nose, they have too many freckles, or they think they’re fat. I often tell our children that living on earth is a big costume party and that we all come down here with our varied costumes, adorned with skin and hair color, tendency for zits, rashes, and wrinkles, disabilities, missing body parts, height and weight variations, baldness, or crooked teeth and toes.

We use makeup, prostheses, hair coloring, and surgical procedures to make alterations, and then stand in front of the mirror to assess how comfortable we feel looking at ourselves. We worry about how others view us.

The truth is a mirror will never give us an accurate reflection of ourselves. No matter how much expense is used or how carefully the mirror is crafted, it can never do more than give a dyslexic idea of how we look, never reflecting all the light that shines on it, and never giving a true perception. It is only as we look past our own façade and discover the mirror that God has placed within each of us will we ever realize what’s real and genuine. It’s only by looking into that mirror that we are able to see what God sees.


 As I view it, it may be if what I see is.

This polished slate which holds my gaze

Reflects angled light ray—

No clear passage for released image of reverse gift,

Interplay of incidence and reflection—

Distortion‟s captured belief.

Yesterday‟s shrouded delusion fades

As heaven‟s mirrored truth, discovered within,

Reflects without—clarity‟s distinction

For tomorrow‟s defense.

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  1. Dolphingirl

    One of my favorite poems! I really like this message! ♥

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