Dec 09

Continuing to be Grandma to My Grand Daughter Who Was Placed for Adoption, excerpt and poem: Upon Your Face

I went to my grand daughter’s school program today. She played the horse inCharlotte’s Web. Afterward we went out for ice cream—we, meaning Galen, Krysti, Katelyn, and me and Pablo (Katelyn’s birth brother). It’s getting easier and easier to act the part of grandma to Katelyn the older she gets. It’s hard to believe that she’s nine and a half now—it’s been a whole nine and a half years since Johanna placed her for adoption with my friends. She’s beautiful, although she doesn’t look a lot like her birth mother. She took on much more of her birth dad’s physical appearance. She’s very, very smart and has been doing exceptional in school.

As we sat and ate ice cream afterward, I had the chance to talk to Katelyn about the choice Johanna made to place her for adoption. Katelyn had a lot of questions and I was happy to be able to give her some answers. What a blessing it has been to be able to continue being involved in her life.

Krysti gave me a really good website and let me read something profound. I think every mother needs to read it. Here’s the website:


This following excerpt and poem IS NOT representative of Johanna, Katelyn’s birth mother. Johanna LOVES her children and tells them how precious they are; but I know other birth mothers who inspired me to write the poem and excerpt:  

I was inspired to write this poem after the birth parents of some of our children called them bastard children just because they were conceived outside of marriage. I believe that every baby is pure and innocent, and that the birth of every child is cause for celebration.

Upon Your Face

Upon your face

Is written the truth

Of where I’ve been;

You were conceived in sin.

I’ve been in bonds

Ever since you came to be;

Not once have I been free.

You never were a bastard child,

But bastard is the kind of mom

I’ve been.

When I gaze into your eyes

Your goodness I can see

Which clarifies it’s me

That I despise.

Upon your face is written

The truth of where I’ve been.

How did someone so beautiful

Come from sin?

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  1. Lisa

    Your poetry is beautiful. It’s so sad that our children often feel like the problem… that they weren’t worth fighting for, when in reality they are the beauty rising from the ashes. We will fight to the death.

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