Dec 30

Book excerpt and poem, “Where Did Christmas Go?”

Last year I wrote this poem which I put in my second volume of Sane Poems for Insane Moments with the following preface. That volume is due to be published this spring:

      In 1991 my husband and I had the privilege of traveling to the Holy Land with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Because our departure was early in the morning the day after Christmas, making arrangements for our children and preparations to leave, as well as carrying out our traditional Christmas festivities was overwhelming for me.

Traveling to Israel was a life-changing experience for me which solidified my faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and one that still elicits very tender and sacred feelings whenever I ponder the remarkable opportunity we had.

Many years later I wrote this poem after I put away our decorations one Christmas, except for one particular nativity set of mine which has a permanent place in our home.

Where Did Christmas Go?

The Christmas ornaments have all been put away,

But my heart is burdened. Where did Christmas go?

My eyes take in the nativity still upon the shelf;

Light, hope, love are there among those at the manger,

And speak the truth of that little child.

My heaviness lifts as I take my place as a shepherd child

Among those who gaze at Him with adulation, respect;

And now Christmas lives on.

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