Apr 26

Poem “Flip The Switch”

Flip The Switch

While we access music

through the miracle of radio,

why is it that we struggle

to grasp the miracle

of prayer?

Electricity, sound waves,


to the naked eye,

yet energy and power

just the same.

Flip the switch, bend the knee–

it’s all the same.

April 26, 2016

Apr 26

Poem, “Four Dimensional Beings”

Four Dimensional Beings

As four dimensional beings,

we walk the streets

of a three dimensional realm

clothed in three dimensional robes

which mask our four dimensional

attributes, capacity, and godliness;

and while darkness shrouds the earth,

it cannot dim the four dimensional light

which burns brilliantly within

each one of us.

April 25, 2016

Apr 21

Poem “Pool of Insanity”

Pool of Insanity

Eating dinner with BPDs

is stepping into a pool

of insanity

where truth and reason

give way to disconnected

circuits, and amnesia.

Throw me a life vest, please;

I’m sinking.

April 18, 2016

I picked up J and took her to the bishop’s storehouse. S beat her up on Sunday morning while he was drunk, and he’s now in jail. She’s been going on and on about how she’s been smoking to deal with the stress, keep the truth of S from the bishop. BPD means borderline personality disorder

Apr 21

Poem, “Can’t Make You”

Can’t Make You

I can’t make you

say good night,

or say hello

when you get home

from school.

I can’t make you

tell me thanks

when I’m there

for you

whether at the game

or pool.

I can’t make you

join us

when we eat a meal,

go to church,

kneel in prayer.

I can’t make you

share your feelings,

or think I’m fair;

but you can always

count on me

to keep you

in my heart.

You can’t get out,

so don’t even try

for it’s me

you can’t outsmart.

April 21, 2016

Apr 21

Poem, “Take What Comes”

Take What Comes

If you want miracles

in your life,

you need to take

what comes with it–

all the challenges.


Apr 21

Poem, “Strands”


Strands of light

penetrate the veil

as I seek light,


and clarification.

Strands of grace,

hope, and love

that I may know God,

and Jesus Christ

where I am lifted

into a realm

of expansion and glory,

where light

and knowledge pour in;

Numberless strands


anchoring my soul

to Him.

April 17, 2016

Apr 16

Poem “Thrash Not”

Thrash Not

Send not the reapers,
for the seed is yet being sown.
Have ye no more sowers?
Thrash not the wheat
until the harvest.

April 13, 2016
J called over and over this morning and I know she’s always in the mode of needing.

Apr 16

Poem “For The Test”

For The Test

You’ve been given the best

to give you the best chance

to be tested and tried

when I take it from you,

prelude to the coronation

when you return to me.

April 11, 2016

Apr 16

Poem “Hidden”


Just because my thoughts

are hidden inside

my body’s cloak,

it doesn’t mean

they’re hidden,

for mortality hides nothing

from the eyes of God.

April 14, 2016

Apr 16

Poem, “Reapers And Sowers”

Reapers And Sowers

Lord, the reapers

have come–again.

Must I endure

the continual thrashing?

There is seed yet

to be sown;

is there not a field

ready for the thrashing?

It’s yet Spring.

J inspired. John C. Maxwell teaches the need for us to be sowers, not those going around looking for what they can harvest.

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