Oct 20

Blog Emerges

With a lot of encouragement, my family and many friends encouraged me to write a book which I have done.  I have included poetry and my experiences as a foster and adoptive mother.  When I completed the first draft of my book there were less than 200 pages and about 85 poems.  Presently, my book is just under 500 pages and contains about 250 poems which has necessitated breaking up my book into at least 3 or 4 volumes.  Now that the first volume is done and just around the corner of being published, I’ve taken the advice and encouragement of my editor in setting up this blog.  It’s my desire and hope to get some feedback about my book.  Below is one of my poems from Volume 1:

My Poems

Around libs
Of pine,
Or dancing seedlings
In descent;
Careen, tumble
Down river bed
In crescendo, flow;
In fluttering wings,
Buzz, screech,
Of little things.
My poems–
Not born of
What is seen,
Nor heard, observed,
But by what I am–
The pine, rain, seedling,
Bee, butterfly;
I am the river, rocks,
Mountain range,
Ant, frog;
My poems are
What I am.

Each of my poems is prefaced by a thought, family experience, or story.  The preface to the above poem is as follows:

“Motherhood has taught me more than I’ve ever wanted to know and given me the chance to comprehend more than I ever considered.  Most of my poems have been written during moments of joy and grief, when my feelings have been most intense, and when I have been the most receptive to thoughts and expressions.”

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