Dec 30

Best Christmas in a Long Time, a Favorite Tradition–Breakfast

One of our favorite Christmas traditions began years ago when we were struggling to make Christmas meaningful for the children. It was during a time when some of our foster children were dealing with extremely difficult feelings on Christmas and tended to do a lot of acting out that day. It was our therapist, Larry VanBloem who suggested we adopt one of their family’s traditions and that was to have a big Christmas breakfast. Ever since, we’ve had a big breakfast after the children get into their stockings. Corn pops and homemade sweet rolls have become part of that tradition. We also had scrambled egg and sausage, and red juice. Afterward, we all gathered around the tree and took turns opening presents. Vance handed out the gifts one by one. A couple of days previous someone anonymously left two large bags of gifts for the younger children on our door step. I was amazed at the thoughtful gifts and how they were tailored so perfectly for each individual child, especially for Alma with his visual impairment. It was very humbling. We had been preparing the children for a very small Christmas, but then that happened. The older children took it upon themselves to purchase a lot of nice gifts, as well, for the younger children—something unheard of when the older children were younger. This year none had any melt-downs. There were no wars, no conflicts, no time when I emotionally crashed.

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