Oct 20

Another Insane Moment

I can’t believe it. Another insane moment: My book was printed with significant errors in it–errors that were absolutely and positively corrected prior to when it went to the printer. I personally checked to make certain that there were NO mistakes and that everything was complete. It was absolutely complete. But after I picked up my 1000 copies, we found significant mistakes. How on earth this could possibly happen, I don’t know. One more opportunity to learn to swim as I’m facing this “sink or swim” dilema! Clearly, these first 1000 copies are part of the art of WABI SABI; in essence, they are WABI SABI books. I think the appropriate title for these first 1000 books may be, “The WABI SABI of  Sane Poems for Insane Moments.”

Google search WABI SABI to learn more.

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