Alma’s ABR, hearing loss reversed!

I took Alma in for an ABR this morning. ABR is a hearing test which is done when a person is sedated and they put probes on his forehead, earlobes, and other places. When Alma was born he was both deaf and blind, but craniosacral therapy gave him his hearing, although he’s always had a mild hearing loss in his right ear–indicated every time his hearing has been tested–all the way until now. His speech has been extremely delayed and he has communicated a lot with ASL. The purpose of the ABR was to see if he might qualify for an intervener at school since he’s also visually impaired. Well, after I experienced profound results from taking a specific health supplement, I started giving Alma that particular health supplement in about February or so. The one thing, above all else I was looking for was an improvement in his ability to articulate. Within a couple of months, his articulation improved considerably. Well, back to this ABR he had this morning–the results of the test showed he had NO hearing loss. The audiologist told me that his hearing was perfect. Is there a connection between that particular health supplement and reversed hearing loss????? Is it coincidence? How many coincidences does one family need to experience before one finally considers the possibility that┬áthat particular health supplement is the reason. God does answer prayer. I am so grateful He has blessed us with┬áthat particular health supplement and for what it is doing for our family.

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