About the Illustrator

Amber McDonald is so honored and excited to make a contribution to Laurie
Everett’s first published work!  Illustrating this book was a
challenging and rewarding opportunity, and she feels that she has
grown from this experience.

Amber has been creating stories and illustrating them since before she
even started school.  She remembers times where she would staple a
small stack of drawing paper together, and draw a picture on each
page, creating a story with her artwork.  Not knowing how to read or
write yet, she would then ask her father to write the words to the
story on each page, and he kindly obliged.

Since then her interest in using art to tell stories has only
increased.  She has worked hard to develop her skills, and is
currently studying in the Brigham Young University Animation Program.
It is her goal to use her artwork to inspire and uplift others.

If you are interested in using Amber’s artwork to enrich one of your
projects, she can be reached through email:

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