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Ever since she began to experience motherhood, Laurie Everett has written beautifully descriptive poetry as a therapeutic outlet for the emotional journey she has been traveling as a foster and adoptive mother. For nearly thirty years she stashed her writings in her desk drawer, having no intention of ever publishing any of them; but, at the insistence of both her husband’s co-worker Carolyn Stewart and her son, Darian, she began compiling her poetry, personal stories and experiences for publication in her remarkable and inspiring book, Sane Poems for Insane Moments.


About the Author


Author Laurie Everett

Laurie Kay Gunn Everett was born and raised inSalt Lake city,Utah, until the age of six when she moved toProvo,Utah, where her father attended school.  Her fathers continued schooling took the family back toPhiladelphia,Pennsylvania, for two years and then on toRichmond,Kentucky, where she went through some of her most memorable childhood experiences.  Her family lived on a ten-acre farm where fresh milk from the cow resulted in freshly churned butter and ice cream, the chickens provided meat and eggs, her mother made bread every day, the family worked together in the garden, and she and her sister enjoyed riding horses through the green Kentucky hills.

When Laurie was fifteen her family returned toProvowhere her father became a professor atBrighanYoungUniversityand spent his time writing several books.  he eventually published two of them.  Her parents love of God and written poetic expressions gave birth to the same traits and talents within her.

While attending BYU she studied Humanities with an emphasis in Therapeutic Family Life.  It was there that she met fellow student Vance Everett.  They were married October 28th, 1976.  Laurie and Vance are the parents of eleven adopted children, many having come into their family first as foster children.  They are also the legal guardians of another child, and Laurie is a second mother to another adult child.  Some of the children are of mixed races; some have been categorized as difficult-to-place because of physical challenges such as deafness, blindness, and micro-cephalic anomalies.

Searching for ways to reach and help her children, Laurie co-founded SAFF Care (Safe Adoptive Families For Children At Risk Emotionally,) an organization which offered support for adoptive families and lobbied government to recognize the rights of adopted children.  In meeting the specific needs of her own children, she has home-educated some and enrolled others in Tae Kwon Do.  She also began training, and has achieved the rank of Third Dan instructor and became a state champion in forms and sparring.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Laurie has taught in its women and children’s organizations.  She has accompanied her husband on his travels with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir throughout North America andEurope.  Finding time for practicing piano, paper-cutting artwork, and writing are some of the ways Laurie has been able to deal with the demands and stresses of raising special-needs children.

Because it is her earnest desire to reach out and connect with others who may face similar challenges in child-rearing, she has compiled a portion of the over five hundred poems she has written in response to her day-to-day challenges.


 About the Illustrator

Amber McDonald is so honored and excited to make a contribution to Laurie Everett’s first published  work!  Illustrating this book was a challenging and rewarding opportunity, and she feels that she has grown from this experience.

Amber has been creating stories and illustrating them since before she even started school.  She  remembers times where she would staple a small stack of drawing paper together, and draw a picture on each page, creating a story with her artwork.  Not knowing how to read or write yet, she  could then ask her father to write the words to the story on each page, and he kindly obliged.

Since then her interest in using art to tell stories has only increased.  She has worked hard to evelop her skills, and is currently studying in the Brigham Young University Animation Program. It is her goal to use her artwork to inspire and uplift others.

If you are interested in using Amber’s artwork to enrich one of your projects, she can be reached through email: amber.m.mcdonald@gmail.com.

Click here if you are interested in purchasing Laurie’s first book, Sane Poems for Insane Moments.

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