Dec 30

A Few Things Made a Big Difference, Including Spending the Afternoon With Katelyn, My Grand Daughter

Some of the other things we’ve done this month that made a difference in generating the spirit of the season for me—I only got a small portion of Christmas Decorations out this year—mainly nativity sets. I really have enjoyed the simple ness. Vance and I attended the Tabernacle Choir Christmas dinner—his first after retiring from the Choir and his first after being called as a Choir staff member. It was so nice to be there and once again be with President Thomas S. Monson who is the Advisor to the Choir; me and my siblings and all of our spouses got together the day after Christmas for Hawaiian Haystacks and games on the 26th which was a lot of fun, and then my grand daughter, Katelyn, was dropped off and spent three hours at our house yesterday for the first time ever. We ate lunch, made ice cream, looked at pictures of her birth mother in our photo albums, and played seven rounds of UNO. Having her come over and spend time with me helped me to feel like her grandma.

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