Sane Poems for Insane Moments

Welcome to Raw Truth of Adoption where you will step foot on the amazing journey of parenting special-needs children AND survive the unsurvivable while discovering pure joy.

Nearly thirty-five years of parenting special-needs children through foster care and adoption has made Laurie Everett a well-seasoned mother. Join her on her remarkable journey conveyed through true stories and poetry in her book, Sane Poems for Insane Moments.

The Raw Truth of Adoption is a website designed to give support and information to those who are or have entered into the world of adoption and foster care.  Laurie Everett shares her personal daily experiences through blogging, and has written a book that shares a lot of stories and poetry which she wrote in the moment, or during REAL parenting episodes–her way of giving expression to her own emotional joys and traumas of motherhood.

Find out how we have successfully eradicated or minimized many debilitating challenges without medication or surgery: ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, cerebral palsy, micro-cephaly, prominent ridge in forehead, one leg that was an inch longer than the other, turned in right eye, deafness at birth, irregular facial physical appearance, head aches, migraines, swallow concerns, mental illness, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anger, up-tightness, hip problems, chewing issues, tactile in-tolerances, inability to walk and crawl, communication disorders, our preemie’s useless small eye set back in his head doctors insisted would have to be surgically removed; unresolved birth issues, impossibly crowded teeth, difficult behaviors in children, respiratory illnesses, hormone imbalances, inactive thyroid, allergies, seizures,  respiratory challenges, gluten intolerance, autism, food sensitivities, nervous break down, panic attacks, blood sugar concerns, seizures, ear pain and infections, and more.

Enjoy reading the amazing stories of a some of our children.

Click here if you are interested in purchasing Laurie’s book, Sane Poems for Insane Moments



  1. Anonymous

    This site is really cool Laurie!

  2. laurie

    I’m glad you find my blogging helpful to you. Yes, you may include a part of my post to your site and please mention where you got it from.

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